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We are lifestyle photographers; specializing in weddings, elopements, and self-love sessions . Basically all things couples and love, we are here for it! Our mission is to provide the best experience possible. By capturing every special and unique detail of your love story and life, no matter how small. We won't just be your photographers, but your hype team, your mimosa-getters, your dress-fluffers; and most importantly YOUR NEW BFFs! We are adventure-seeking, goofy creatives that can't wait to meet you! We are currently serving the PNW, but not afraid to fly! ✈️

i am chandler

Hey You Beautiful Humans! My name is Chandler. I'm an adventure seeking, iced coffee obsessed, Northern girl! I wear my heart on my sleeve, and love meeting new people. I have been married to my main squeeze, Shane, for 8 years! We have a 5 year old daughter, Reynleigh, who is my number one dance partner, and sassy as can be!

I have been a photographer for 7 years! I am a natural light junkie, and have a passion for capturing connections of all kinds! But most importantly...I LOVE couples!

On my free weekends; you can find me enjoying the scenery the PNW has to offer, rolling through a drive-thru for iced coffee, hosting a BBQ with some bangin' food, or binging Netflix. While I am an extrovert at heart, I still love my alone time, and being a couch potato!

I'm friggin stoked you're here! Grab a glass of wine, and stay awhile!

i am emily

Hey, Y'all! My name is Emily and I am a heavily caffeinated, travel-obsessed, Texas girl. If there is one thing I want you to know about me right away, it's that I utterly love LOVE. I am a hopeless romantic that adores a good "meet cute" story.

I live in Washington State with my hunk of a husband, Josh and our fearless climber of a 2 year old girl, Rosalyn (Rozi) and our new little sweetums, Josiah (JoJo).

I have been a photographer for 15+ years... *insert shocked face and a huge "holy crap! I am getting old!"*

I have dabbled in literally every aspect of photography, but my specialty would have to be Couples, because...LOooOVE.

In my free time, you will catch me smooching on my Rozi and JoJo, making yet another Amazon purchase, binging Netflix and all other streaming services, editing my life away or snuggled up next to a fire in my backyard.

Now! Let's get together and DO. THA. DANG. THANG!



Lauren + Stephan

Lauren + Stephan

Their kean eye for the perfect shot is remarkable. They put so much thought into each photo. Vale & Grace Photography were able to capture some breathtaking photos of my wife an I. Photos we were never able to get when we married, but always dreamt of. Without knowing it, they were able to capture what I see everyday! Pure beauty! Absolutely speechless.
These women are amazing!!!!! Book #Vale&GracePhotography for your next shoot. They won't disappoint!

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