Titlow Beach Elopement

[Author, Photographer, and Videographer- Emily Lazusky]

WOW! just...WOW! What a whirlwind of a day!

To start off, the Washington weather was planning to be uncooperative.(Surprise, surprise!) With this forecast, Kately and Jacob requested their scheduled Sunset Elopement to become a Sunrise Elopement in hopes of avoiding the DUMPING rain that we anticipated. Ya know....Rolling with the punches, WE DID SUNRISE!

Another note, you may not know this about me (Emily), but I am also a licensed Cosmetologist of 13 years. So, clients often add pro hair and make-up to their wedding and elopement packages. With that, Kately and I had already discussed that I would do her hair and makeup for her big day! You guessed it...we did hair and make up at 5:00 AM! Lemme say..I am normally not an early riser, but this was a different story! Kately and her sweet mama came to my home and we laughed and beautified. I got to sneak some photos of Mama Amy helping Kately into her elopement dress and FABULOUS sparkly shoes. We QUICKLY packed up and headed out to Titlow Beach to meet her man, his parents who flew in from Maryland, and the officiant John.

I gathered all of my MANY bags from the car and hoofed it down to the beach to show the Mister and his family where to stand so Kately could sneak over without Jacob getting a glimpse of her.

(Side note: Kately had requested that I get Jacob's reaction to her walking the beach toward him because she had a feeling he might shed some tears and she needed photographic proof 😉 )

Kately snuck into the woods and Jacob waited at the edge of the water facing away.

The crisp breeze was passing over the Puget Sound.

The sun had risen in the sky just behind the Washington blanket of clouds creating THE DREAMIEST of lighting.

Kately began to walk toward Jacob.

Jacob turned slowly to see his Bride.

YASSS! The sweetest tears streamed down the grooms cheeks and Kately had the most peaceful sweet smile on her lips.

I mean, COME ON! What person DOESN'T want their Love to cry when they see them!?!?

The ceremony was short and sweet, but oh so very special. Kately and Jacob shared their personal vows to one another which were *chefs kiss* perfection.

I gotta tell ya, the Officiant, John Candler, is one of the best wedding officiants around. (Link to his Wedding Wire)

John was in contact with the couple via phone calls prior to their big day. He made a point to create a personal ceremony for Kately and Jacob to bring their relationship to their elopement and it was anything but cookie cutter.

After their ceremony, we popped some champagne and the parents did a Mimosa Toast to the couple.

We sent the parents ahead to get brunch while we hung around the beach to get some intimate images of the new Mr. and Mrs. Morse in their first moments of marriage.

This is my favorite part of a wedding and elopement. The nerves are gone. The pressure is off. The bliss is REAAAAL.

Kately and Jacob shared their first dance to Eyes on You by Chase Rice and lots of first married kisses.

What better way to end an elopement day, than with a good ole Champagne Spray!

Cheers to the happy couple! I can't wait to see where your life takes you together!